Banner ads, posters, and direct mail are crucial when marketing a business – but what about the little things like pens, envelopes, letterheads, calendars, and other stationery in your office?

Your headquarters are where your brand colours should fly freely, showing potential clients and financial backers that you’re proud of your business and what it stands for.

While many business owners are focused on profits, revenues, and logistics, consistent printed office materials across your headquarters can help build brand awareness.

It’s Professional

Your stationery subconsciously paints a picture in your customer’s mind about your brand – but a mishmash of unbranded stationery paints an amateur, fractured picture.

Conversely, when you customize and coordinate your office stationery with your own corporate branding, it conveys a unified and organized front. Potential clients will view your business as image-conscious, organized, and they’ll respect your attention to details.

When you take pride in your image, it tells prospective customers that you’ll take pride in putting forth the best product or service.

It’s Inexpensive Advertising

For many businesses, the cost of ad space for banners and posters won’t fit their budget. For instance, a series of Uhuru Highway posters costs approximately Ksh 1,000,000 for a four-week campaign!

When visitors arrive at your office, and see your logo, tagline, and company colours on pens, letterheads, and envelopes, it’s 100% free (and permanent) ad space.

It’s Simple

Establishing company policies, budgets, and streamlining workflow is an ongoing struggle for any business looking to make its mark. It can take years to create a system that optimizes your business’s success.

But once you’ve designed a memorable logo, branded office stationery is a cinch—it’s only a matter of order and fulfillment before your business makes its mark.

Memorable, sleekly branded office supplies can say more about your organisation with just your logo and tagline, than a 5,000-word H.R. manifesto or business plan.

With over 25 years in the print industry, Soloh Worldwide has vast experience in printing and fulfilling branded stationery and office materials for Kenyan businesses.

From custom business cards to personalized calendars, Soloh Worldwide delivers quality, branded office materials that’ll impress potential clients and prospective backers. 

Find Soloh Worldwide  and grow your business today!

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